Ladyboy Dating

How To Date a Ladyboy

There are ladyboys in most cities around the world but if you don’t know where they hang out you’re not going to find one, and even if you did you may not even notice they were male because the vast majority of ladyboys really do look like women. If you’re visiting Thailand or the Philippines then of course you will be inundated with offers from lady boys on the streets and in bars, but if you live in the USA or any other major city you will find it very hard to find one. In this case your best option would be to join a ladyboy dating site.

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There are quite a few of these dating sites online and if I was you I would join as many of them as possible as a free member and then choose the site you feel best suits your needs and join up as a paid member. This will then give you access to the whole site where you can email unlimited members and also chat to them on instant messenger or video chat. Most of the members will record a video of themselves explaining who and what they are looking for, this could anything from one night stands to a full relationship.

Ladyboy Dating

Ladyboy dating websites are becoming very popular these days with divorced men who have always had a fantasy about sleeping with another man but a more feminine type of guy. Obviously not everyone who dates a ladyboy is a divorced man, some are gay some are bi curious but most are straight men who wish to take their sexual experiences to the next level. Whatever reason you have for joining one of these dating sites I am one hundred per cent certain you will find what you are looking for if you find the right dating website.

Remember when you do find a date to treat them like a lady and not a man because after all that’s who they have been trying to become most of their lives. They like to be complemented on their looks and they like to be spoilt just like any woman would. If you end up in a relationship through one of these dating sites and you have met you’re perfect match then please leave a comment below for all my readers to see your success story, this will give other men hope that they may find their matching soul mate as well.

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One last thing I will say is to watch out for certain types of ladyboys who just want to meet up with a man who will pay for the rest of their sex change, now if your wealthy and prepared to do this then that’s fine, but most men I know who date ladyboys are far from rich and really shouldn’t get involved with someone like this as they will please you in bed like no woman ever could and will eventually persuade you to pay for their operation.


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